Dirt Roads Ahead! Take the Path Less Traveled.

Dirt Roads

Dirt Roads

Dirt roads have been around for over a couple centuries. In the early 1900’s an engineer by the name of, David Ward King created a split-log pulling system for grading and maintaining the surface of the roads. He was a farmer that saw it was difficult to receive mail from the delivery person due to the poor conditions of the roads. As a result he created a mechanism that a horse could pull two cut logs on edge, 6-8 feet long, offset from each other, and spaced. Above all this was quit the invention that caught on.

“The split-log drag is of great service on roads of this class, and an increasing mileage of the rural highways of this country is being kept in repair economically and well by the use of this simple implement.” -King

Now we have paved roads everywhere. Dirt roads still exist. They may be outdated, but they sure are not useless. Lets list some reasons why dirt roads are always going to be around.

  • Fire access and escape routes
    • Wildfires can happen anywhere at any given time. Firefighter used dirt roads for access to in and out of wildfires. Most importantly they are used to help cutoff fires from passing over. Therefore the gravel road helps separate any natural debris such as: dead trees, bushes, and grass from fires spreading.
Dirt Roads
  • Logging trucks for forestry
    • Off the paved road, and on to the beaten path of dirt roads are large logging trucks hauling lumber to the nearest lumber yard.
Dirt Roads
  • National Parks
    • The majority of the  national parks have paved roads leading to them, but behind the scenes are dirt roads that can take you to places many people have not found. The journey of the unknown gives you a unique experience.
  • ,Dirt road driveways
    • Driveways that are dirt roads can be a great alternative to  a paved or concrete road. It can be inexpensive to install and maintain.
  • 4×4 vehicle and dirt bike enthusiast
    • For the adventurist that enjoys getting mud on their tires, a dirt road will guide you to a trail of deep puddles. Riders of all sorts will travel up and down dirt roads for outdoor excitement.

Brothers was established in 2010 by Bill and Brian Scallon. Brothers initially focused on operating dump trucks for rock delivery.

With a background in geology and mining, they got involved in crushing and delivering materials. This eventually led into the development of the excavation, timber and road construction side.

Brothers is now a key asset in the logging community, developing and maintaining logging roads. Brothers also does large site development projects


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