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Clearing Land
Clearing Land

Clearing land for a new home.

“It is not the beauty of the building you should look at: it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” – David Allen Coe

Clearing Land – So you want to build a new home on a piece of property that you just bought. Sounds like you are on the right track. As you survey the area you realise there are a lot of trees and organic terrain in your way. The ground is unstable with rocks and dirt mounds making it seem difficult to have a level home. You need to take care of these in order to start the building phase.  It sounds like you need Brothers Excavation and Construction to assist you in clearing the area of your land for building.

Clearing Land

A house has a foundation. The foundation supports the house. The foundation is supported by the ground. A proper foundation needs to be flat and level, therefore making your house solid. The ground needs to be flat and level for the foundation. To do this the contractor goes through a set of steps to complete the process. This blog will hopefully give you an idea of what goes into clearing land for development.

Clearing Land


The first step is surveying the site and preparing for digging. Every site varies, but the process to prepare is always the same. Find the property line and the area being dug. Search for any utilities that may possess hazardous risk: gas, electrical, and underground plumbing. Once everything is set and there are no utilities in the way digging can begin.

Clearing Land
Clearing Land

Lets dig. Start by removing vegetation. Cut and grind any trees, bushes, and any organic material that needs to be separated from the top soil. Pull out or push any boulders away from the site. Once the vegetation is removed you can choose to separate the soil for areas around your house before you excavate and grade. That soil can be great for landscaping.

An array of heavy machinery will be used to grade the property. Erosion prevention and drainage control will be implemented. The top rock will be spread throughout the area. Water and a steamroller will compact the rock into the ground until the whole area is flat and level. This process is tedious snd important. 

Clearing Land

Call the professionals to have a more in-depth conversation to find out exactly what it is you are looking for. Brothers Excavation and Construction can help you with planning and estimating.

Brothers was established in 2010 by Bill and Brian Scallon. Brothers initially focused on operating dump trucks for rock delivery.

With a background in geology and mining, they got involved in crushing and delivering materials. This eventually led into the development of the excavation, timber and road construction side.

Brothers is now a key asset in the logging community, developing and maintaining logging roads. Brothers also does large site development projects. 

Clearing Land
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